Songs we sing

Here is a list of the songs we have learned, and would love to share:

Abide with me
All is Well
All Through the NIght
Angel Band
Angels Hovering Round
Baba Yetu Uliye
Balm in Gilead
Blessed Quietness
Come All You People (Uyai Mose)
Comfort Me / Where Do We Come From?
Crossing the Bar
Deep Peace
Dream With the Angels
Farewell My Friends
Fear Not the Pain / Nada Te Turbe
Freedom Come!
Gates / Nectar
Going Home
Great Trees
Haleluya! Pelo Tsa Rona
Hallelujah (Every time I feel…)
Hallelujah ( I heard there was…)
Happy Trails
How Could Anyone Ever Tell You
I Will Meet You in the Morning
I’ll Fly Away
I’m Gonna Lift My Sister Up
In the Garden
Ise Oluwa
Joy of Living
Lean on Me
Let the Life I’ve Lived
Lord Bless You and Keep You
Love Call Me Home
May You See Diamonds
Meditation on Breathing
My Heart is Ready
My Lord What a Morning
No More the Storms
Now the Mountains Are Dancing
O Love That Will Not Let Me Go
O Sing To Me Of Heaven
One Breath
One More Time
Oseh Shalom
Parting Glass
Peace of Wild Things
Plovi Barka
Prayer to Friends
Prodigal Son
Purer Than Purest
Simple Gifts
Sing Me to Heaven
Sleep My Child
Softly and Tenderly Jesus is Calling
Solstice Song
Somebody Prayed for Me
Spirit of LIfe
Storm is Passing Over
Sun Moon Stars Rain
Take Me Back (Appalachian Round)
Take My Hand Precious Lord
Taps for Healing
There Is So Much Magnificence
There’s Honey in the Rock
Voice Still and Small
What a Wonderful World
When There is Light
Winds Be Still